Mon. 09/01 | 8:30PM @ Doug Fir Lounge (map)

KINS Currently hailing from Brighton, England. Kins originally formed in late 2010, around a collection of home-demos by frontman Thomas Savage. Kins spent their first six months playing smal…more»

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Point Juncture WA, Panther Attack
Point Juncture WA, Panther Attack Wed. 09/03 | 9:00PM @ Doug Fir Lounge (map)

Point Juncture WA "...centuries from now our great-great-great-grandchildren will look back at us with amazement at how we could allow such a precious achievement of human culture as the tell…more»

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Castanets, Alameda, Old Light
Castanets, Alameda, Old Light Thu. 09/04 | 9:00PM @ Doug Fir Lounge (map)

Castanets Castanets is the musical project of Raymond Raposa, a San Diego native currently residing in New York City. While Raposa is the only constant member of the band, his records and liv…more»

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Shoot To Thrill, DC Tribute, Root Jack
Shoot To Thrill, DC Tribute, Root Jack Fri. 09/05 | 9:00PM @ Doug Fir Lounge (map)

Shoot To Thrill - AC/DC Tribute AC/DC Tribute Band Root Jack here is a long tradition of the bohemian laborer that works during the day to support his family, then comes home at night to wr…more»

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"Bands For Beans", Geno Michaels & Soul City, Norman Sylvester
"Bands For Beans", Geno Michaels & Soul City, Norman Sylvester Sat. 09/06 | 8:00PM @ Doug Fir Lounge (map)

"Bands For Beans" “Bands For Beans” is a musical fund raiser to support programs for Northwest Kidney Kids. The organization was founded to offer hope and support to children with chronic ki…more»

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St. Even, Barry Brusseau
St. Even, Barry Brusseau Sun. 09/07 | 3:00PM @ Doug Fir Lounge (map)

St. Even St. Even (the nom de guerre of Steve Hefter)'s Spirit Animal-- described as "gentle but unsettled folk" by the Portland Mercury-- was hailed "a masterpiece" and named the # 2 local a…more»

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Tobacco Mon. 09/08 | 9:00PM @ Doug Fir Lounge (map)

Tobacco TOBACCO can't have nice things. On his third album, the Pennsylvania snake-synth-charmer deepens his approach to aural depravity. Ultima II Massage widens a jagged swath through the d…more»

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Eleni Mandell
Eleni Mandell Tue. 09/09 | 7:00PM @ Mississippi Studios (map)

Acclaimed LA songwriter known for writing sweetly dark and timeless tunes whose most recent release focuses on the joys of motherhood

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Passenger Tue. 09/09 | 8:00PM @ Crystal Ballroom (map)

Passenger, the working name of singer/songwriter Mike Rosenberg, makes intimate, folk-inflected indie pop. Originally a four-piece, Passenger formed in Brighton, England, as a collaboration be…more»

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Colony House, Knox Hamilton
Colony House, Knox Hamilton Tue. 09/09 | 9:00PM @ Doug Fir Lounge (map)

Colony House It's not surprising that Colony House has struck a resonant chord with listeners. The threesome maintains a balance of craft and immediacy that reflects its affinity for the soun…more»

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Owen Pallett
Owen Pallett Wed. 09/10 | 9:00PM @ Doug Fir Lounge (map)

Owen Pallett In Conflict is full of love songs – more specifically, songs about liminal states and our loved ones locked in battle with them. "The record is meant to approach 'insanity' in a …more»

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Pomplamoose Thu. 09/11 | 9:00PM @ Aladdin Theater (map)

Pomplamoose Pioneering the style of "VideoSongs" on YouTube, Pomplamoose is a San Francisco-based indie-pop-rock-duo comprised of Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn. With the debut of their online pr…more»

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Rags & Ribbons, Hosannas, Thanks
Rags & Ribbons, Hosannas, Thanks Thu. 09/11 | 9:00PM @ Doug Fir Lounge (map)

Rags & Ribbons Rags & Ribbons play melodic rock anthems driven by classically-inspired piano. Progressive and post-rock influences by way of Queen, Muse, Arcade Fire and Sigur Ros color these…more»

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Money Fri. 09/12 | 9:00PM @ Doug Fir Lounge (map)

MONEY Forged in their Manchester home, 'So Long (GODISDEAD)' follows Money's ultra limited sold out single 'Who's Going To Love You Now / Goodnight London'. Their first full statement as arti…more»

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Anais Mitchell
Anais Mitchell Sat. 09/13 | 9:00PM @ Doug Fir Lounge (map)

Anais Mitchell Anaïs Mitchell is first and foremost a storyteller. As a Vermont-based singer-songwriter, Mitchell recorded for Ani Difranco's Righteous Babe Records for several years before s…more»

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MRS Queer Dance Party, DJ Beyonda
MRS Queer Dance Party, DJ Beyonda Sat. 09/13 | 10:00PM @ Mississippi Studios (map)

A Visually Explosive Dance Party

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Neil Hamburger, *Major Entertainer* Mike H.
Neil Hamburger, *Major Entertainer* Mike H. Sun. 09/14 | 9:00PM @ Doug Fir Lounge (map)

Neil Hamburger America's Funnyman Neil Hamburger is the hardest working comedian in existence, performing up to 399 shows a year internationally to critical acclaim and audience bewilderment.…more»

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“Plant Defenses”, OMSI Science Pub, with Daniel Ballhorn, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biology, Portland State University
“Plant Defenses”, OMSI Science Pub, with Daniel Ballhorn, Ph.D., Assistant Profess... Tue. 09/16 | 5:00PM @ Crystal Ballroom (map)

Come out for beer, pizza, popcorn and a healthy dose of scientific knowledge! Come early to secure your seats and order up your food and drinks before the presentation begins.

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Clairy Browne & The Bangin' Rackettes
Clairy Browne & The Bangin' Rackettes Tue. 09/16 | 8:00PM @ Doug Fir Lounge (map)

Clairy Browne & The Bangin' Rackettes Clairy Browne and her harmonising girl group The Bangin' Rackettes formed in 2009 over a mutual love of nineties dance videos, early soul records and big…more»

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Zammuto Wed. 09/17 | 9:00PM @ Doug Fir Lounge (map)

Zammuto 'Zammuto' (the band) is a four piece rock set up: Nick Zammuto (yours truly on vocals, guitars), Gene Back (also from the Books, on electric guitar, organ, keys), Sean Dixon (Drums), …more»

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il sogno del marinaio
il sogno del marinaio Thu. 09/18 | 9:00PM @ Doug Fir Lounge (map)

il sogno del marinaio (with mike watt) andrea belfi and stefano pilia w/watt in yet another powertrio!

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Rocco DeLuca
Rocco DeLuca Sat. 09/20 | 9:00PM @ Doug Fir Lounge (map)

Rocco DeLuca "The blues died when they took the 'fuck' out of it," explains a seemingly shy and unassuming Rocco DeLuca. "The music I was raised on had heat. Energy. That feeling of aggressio…more»

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A Minor Forest
A Minor Forest Sun. 09/21 | 9:00PM @ Doug Fir Lounge (map)

A Minor Forest The A Minor Forest story begins in the late 80's in San Diego, where Andee (the drummer) and Erik (the guitar player) grew up. Andee was studying art at U.C.S.D., working at th…more»

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Son Lux, Helado Negro
Son Lux, Helado Negro Mon. 09/22 | 9:00PM @ Doug Fir Lounge (map)

Son Lux Son Lux is Ryan Lott. His debut recording, At War With Walls and Mazes (2008), earned him the title of “Best New Artist” by NPR’s All Songs Considered. In 2011 he followed up this rel…more»

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